We design the security systems that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer, home, corporation, government, and life style. We provide high quality customer care.
Our security specialists will conduct extensive and time tested audits of your work place to make sure you are safe and secure, we will provide you with the defined danger zone and how to address them with the most up to date technology. We are committed to give quality service to our customers. All the challenges facing us in the coming years, we believe that the best is yet to come.

Emergency Response

Whether you are looking to contain a large spill or a small excess oil in your in your marina or for emergency spill response, we have an oil spill product that can meet your need.


The duty range of training, product and dummies are our most popular model for common rescue scenario such as working at a high confined space, (USAR, RTA,.., etc. ) we can supply a range of manikins to suit any training scenario .


When you must have the absolute best service to respond to an environmental emergency safety and security, we will provide specialists with the knowledge and equipment required to stop the exposure and renew the contaminated environment back to acceptable verifiable safe and secure zone.